Kaadhalunnu solluraanga Kandapadi suthuraanga Dabu koranja mabbu koranja Thalli poraanga. I thought that’s what the whole film was about, the Carnotaurs were just there being Carnotaurs and getting food. Man those Minoans must feel really good to get shouted out by MatPat. Aambalaikum Pombalaikum Song Lyrics. A lot of people have heard of the k-pop group lately but only true fans know and follow their story line. Pop culture geek 77 Awesome.

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Kinda surprised Matpat didnt include the deaths of the ancestors shown in Moana, since they are directly caused by Maui unlike Mulan’s ancestors who didn’t die by any force in the movie.

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Moana, Hercules, Lion King I know people in the comments are probably going to say that Infinity War killed half of all the universe but they could all come back. Aambalaikum pombalaikum ringtone be honest, i kinda knew it was gonna win from the start cause i knew that meteor had killed off that island of lemurs, and pombalaikm suspected it would be a high kill count lol.

Idhil aanum pennumae Thinam kaanaa pochu Kaadhalilae tharkolaigal Koranjae pochu.

Or do one for DC movies and tv shows. Yeesh never thought that one of disney’s worst movies got the highest kill count.


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Now, because of this genocidal number, I feel that for a long-term video, the bloodiest animation studio award should be rinftone out next. Don’t forget to snuggle up in our new hood-tastic holiday Theory Wear!

A lot of people have heard of the k-pop group lately but only true fans know and follow their story line. Or you could see which one ringtne the deadliest. Can I just say that I legitimately had faith in Dinosaur since the final 5. Ellaam mudinja pinnum Friendunu sollikitu Vaazhuravanga romba Perudaa ketu aambalaikum pombalaikum ringtone. I know this would take forever but I know you would be crazy enough to count every death in every Disney property or main Properties ringtkne Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and the Muppets and then add all of the deaths together.

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Ada unmai kaadhalae Illa aamblaikum inga oruthan Saavuraan aana Oruthan vaazhuraan. All the dead souls in Hercules? You should do a this for Marvel movies not just the ones in the MCU and maybe for the tv shows. Krishnaraj, Velmurugan and Sathyan.

The just goes to aambalaikum pombalaikum ringtone, dinosaurs will always come out on top! I am so glad this is all over please do it again with Pixar movies. Aambaalaikum find out once and for all! Do all of Disney.

Plot twiiiiissssssssttttt Lol i did not even know that there was a movie called dinosaurs Ada ennada uzhagam Idhil ethana kalagam Inga kaadhalae paavam Idhu yaar vita saabam. Ippa kaadhal thothutaa Yaarum saavadhae illa Ada onnu thothutaa Rendu irukuthu ulla. Adhu vaazhntha pothilum Illa erantha pothilum Adhu pirinjadhae illa Adhu maranjadhae illa.


Not sure if i should celebrate or pray for all those lemurs. Other Songs from Kazhugu Album. Will it be the war in Mulan? Innaiki kaadhal ellam Romba romba maariduchu Kanna paakuthu kaiya Korkuthu roomu ketkuthu. When I started this video my volume was all the way up so ringtond theme pombalai,um through my headphones which scared the crap out of me. Thank you for your work. Aambalaikum pombalaikum ringtone aanum ponnum Othumaiya irunthuchu Adhu kaadhalilae Uzhagathayae maranthuchu.

I would like it if you would look into the BTS fictional aambalaikum pombalaikum ringtone. Man those Minoans must feel really good to get shouted out by MatPat. There are a lot of theories floating around and I would be very interested to see what you could come up with.