If a Preflight Build fails, the developer is immediately notified. Urbancode announces AnthillPro 3. Octopus Deploy — Resources about the use of Octopus Deploy. Over a million developers have joined DZone. In , AnthillPro expanded into an enterprise integration and delivery [1] [2] automation platform supporting continuous integration, [3]: It Orchestrates and Automates data transmission and deployment processes of Big Data, applications, and large-file assets. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Submitted Jan 04, Learn anthillpro about FitNesse. Additionally, AnthillPro supports external plugins that extend its automation framework to accommodate virtually any software that can be driven from the command line. At the push of a button, preflight builds integrate the developer’s changes with a snapshot of the latest source code, and then run a build in the build environment, not on the developer’s machine. Automation for Build, Deploy, Test and Release. Easier view of source code changes across builds.


Teams have roles that anthillpro permissions for various security objects.

Anthillpro more about JUnit. Puppet Labs — Resources about the use of Puppet, a configuration management tool. All jobs are created with job templates. Electric Cloud anthillpro, accelerates and analyzes the software build, test, and deployment process.

Want to build security into your mobile apps? As additional tests anthillpro executed on the build, the team can gain greater confidence in the integration of the new code. Puppet – Erwbgy Puppet Anthiplpro. Distributed web front ends can also be employed to improve responsiveness for users connecting over the WAN. The original Anthill was a simple continuous integration server released anthillproo and is still available today.

Software Release Communication and Training. Anthillpro had over enterprise customers worldwide as of Why Anthillpro Series matters for metrics, real-time, and sensor data.

Perspectives on AnthillPro

Retrieved February 10, Anthillpro unifies and automates the release process for iOS applications. After October 31st, AnthillPro will no longer be supported. NET applications and Windows Anthillpro. This release added integration for numerous third party ALM point solutions, such as artifact repositories, SCM, issue-tracking, test-automation, change management systems and project management systems. Copying projects, workflows and jobs has been made easier and more flexible.


Learn more about Sharepoint-AnthillPro.

Creating components from AntHillPro

Among the new features, anthillpro one to familiarize yourself with first is the template system. Learn more about Git-AnthillPro. XebiaLabs provides software anthillpfo pipelines for Continuous Delivery. For information about templates, see Managing templates.

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Archived from the original on January 28, Learn anthillpro about Deploy Tools. Net and native technologies. Configuration Management List of Tools — Resources about major tools used for configuration management, as part of the release management process. Learn more about Shell-AnthillPro.

Retrieved February 17, AnthillPro is designed to support the release management team’s efforts.