Test for Normality Studentized Range: AquaChem is developed with easy-to-use tables, including user-defined picklists, for manual entry of all project data. The range of values can be customized up to 10 or more groups and the individual samples can be identified at the associated value along the x-axis. The highlighted data points indicate specific samples that are selected in the database and are also highlighted on all other open graphical displays. The frequency of samples within the given ranges can be plotted according to percentages or numbers of samples.

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If results do not meet expectations the result should be confirmed with more detailed study, based on multiple samples, aquifer mineralogy analysis, modeling, and plots. All major elements can be displayed in one plot sfotware the Ludwig-Langelier diagram. AquaChem Mix Samples Aquachem 5.1 software Mix Samples report generates solution concentrations resulting from the step-wise mixing of specified proportions of two selected samples from the project database.

The output includes the chemistry of the remaining sample as well as the amount of minerals that was precipitated or dissolved. This works on the basis of aquachem 5.1 software Excel template which you can customize to suit your needs including what parameters you want to chart, how many charts per page and how many parameters per chart.

The Ludwig-Langelier diagram can be used to plot all samples in the open database or selected sample groups. Fully customizable axes scale settings and unit selections for applicable graphs Complete selection of Windows True Type fonts for plot titles, legends, axis labels, and symbols Proportional symbol sizes using concentration value for any measured sotware calculated parameter Advanced symbol labelling allows for customizing label location Display uncertainty bars whiskers on XY scatter plots Display lines for maximum tolerance concentrations or method detection limit on time series plots Whether reporting data fresh from the lab, or data just entered from the field, AquaChem has all the plotting capabilities you need to analyze and produce comprehensive reports of your water quality data.


The shape formed by the Stiff diagrams will quickly identify samples that softwzre similar compositions and are particularly useful when used as map symbols to show the geographic location of different water facies. The Frequency Histogram can be used to plot all samples in the open database or selected softaare groups.

Reliability check now contains Unit for each formula Copy or print trend results Enhanced Mann Kendall trend analysis, and summary statistics. Compare sample to aquachdm duplicate to determine margins aquachem 5.1 software error – quickly find and highlight samples containing outlier values and non detects!

It is composed by a central box showing the spread of the bulk of the data interquantile range and the whiskers, showing the aqiachem of the softwae.

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Download a trial version of AquaChem today and see how easy it is to develop asuachem reports of your sample data. Map plot may contain multiple basemaps, basemaps are activated and deactivated with a checkbox Export Stiff and Radial thematic plots to.

Or, you may fill in a constant MDL value for all samples, for a selected chemical. Both normal scale and log scales are supported for the x and y axes and multiplication factors can be applied to either the x or y parameter. Import polyline shape files ESRI. The scatter plot can be used to plot all samples aquachem 5.1 software the open database or selected sample groups. AquaChem aquachem 5.1 software also designed with strong links through all aspects of the program making it easily to quickly identify and link sample data within each point in a plot.

Although the interface is intuitive, novice users might encounter issues when trying to navigate AquaChem, as it clearly requires some specialized knowledge.

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AquaChem comes bundled with many commonly used techniques of plots, so that you can represent data regarding the chemical characteristics of water quality, such as probability plots, radial, stiff, pie, frequency histogram, Ludwig-Langelier, Ternary and detection summary plots. Overlaying your water quality plots over a georeferenced image will provide a familiar point of reference when you are analyzing sample data.


AquaChem Reliability Check The Reliability Check report allows you to confirm the validity of the measured sample data. AquaChem Giggenbach Triangle The Giggenbach triangle is composed of three zones; 1 – immature waters along the base; 2 – partially equilibrated waters in the middle; and 3 – fully equilibrated waters aquachem 5.1 software the upper curve.

A new option for generating time series reports with Excel has been implemented under the Reports menu. Test compares the range of the sample to the sample standard deviation Geary’s Test: This can be a quick way to fill in constant values for parameters for all samples in your database.

All in all, AquaChem is an efficient piece aquachem 5.1 software software, dedicated to professionals, and we did not discover any errors, crashes or hangs in our tests. New options for managing non-detects censored data: Exporting Data AquaChem also includes a convient export tool that helps you to continue working with your water quality data, outside the AquaChem environment.

In addition, each sample record in the database is directly linked wquachem the graphs allowing for immediate changes to the plots. The main purpose of the Piper diagram is to show clustering of data aquachem 5.1 software to indicate samples that have similar compositions.

AquaChem has several modeling tools available: Data Management AquaChem is built around a customizable MS Access database that can be configured to include more than alphanumeric parameters per sample. This type of graphical representation has the advantage that, unlike the trilinear diagrams, actual sample concentrations are displayed and compared.