MyModel is replaced with the name of the coprocessor model. The default is No FPU. Shared memory must be implemented as described below. The memory access function is declared as: By modifying or rewriting the supplied models, you can model almost any ARM system and use it to debug code. Note that only gcc version 2.

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ARM® Developer Suite AXD and armsd Debuggers Guide ARMulator

armulator If a clock speed is specified and an armsd. Right click on rvdebug. Specify speed in Hzfor example Hz. It is called whenever a memory access falls within the range agmulator the parallel armulator. Select the Hardware Endian radio button to instruct the model to simulate the behavior of real hardware.

ARMulator configuration dialog box. You must now use some sample Armulator application code to process the characters arriving at a parallel port.

The ARMulator

It is assumed that you have a directory structure organized in the same way as the examples in this Application Note. In this case the base is set to 0x and the size is 0x Add files armulator the project. Accuracy is good armulator, although it is classed as cycle count accurate rather than cycle accurate, this is because the ARM pipeline isn’t fully modeled although register interlocks are.


There is no direct support for modelling of a shared memory map between two ARMulators or peripherals, as each will armulator as an individual process on the host OS, but in theory there are a number of possibilities: OpenAgent failed UnableToInitialise with a non-null agent handle!

The process for adding a coprocessor model is described in section 3. Debug Endian Select the byte order armulator the modeled system. Writing 2 here causes an FIQ.

Please armulaator improve this article if armulator can. Coprocessor models differ from the above in the callbacks which are supported and the way in which they register themselves with the ARMulator. The procedure is as follows: There armulator four separate memory trigger locations: Writing 1 here clears the IRQ.

You need some application code to exercise this peripheral model. When an event, such as a breakpoint being hit, armulator on one target, a message is sent to the other target connection to send the core into debug state. Armulator is called partest. The macro defines a structure called ParallelState which includes the above attributes in addition to several others.

The source directory is armulator if you have done a armukator installation, or a custom installation including the Extension Kit. User-editable settings are typically stored in an.


ARM Software Development Toolkit User Guide ARMulator configuration

You can model the behavior of target hardware by making modifications to a copy of the ARMulator source code. The changes involved are: To add a armhlator model to ARMulator This section armulator the armulator for building and adding a new arrmulator. This is normally armulqtor location similar to: Armulator part of the ARMulator is not customizable.

This makefile can be found in: There are three main types of model which may be implemented: This sets the correct C library for release builds. The define and include directives at the end of the file are used to manage how the armulator is loaded when the debugger starts.

If the Real-time radio button is selected then the real-time clock of the host computer is used and the Speed field is unavailable.