The Mac Pro usually comes with one or more video card, each with multiple outputs. You can now go and map any dome. In the field of fulldome, he also works as a software menthor and systems integrator for VJing in digital planetariums. Remember, check the resolution of use this template, it must match your media! Over the past 20 years he has performed in all major cities in Brazil and all over the world.

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VJ and creative coder specialized in the development of software tools for animation, projection fj, interactive installations, procedural art and video games. Once both are running, restart the blendy vj with both plugged in and start mapping. Once finished you could share your setup with other BlendyDome VJ users. Just use the Syphon Recorder and record.

If the resolution you want is not available, open Matrox Control Panel and select it from there. You can use higher resolutions, of course. Do you want to record your slices? Hap files are very large, if they lbendy not on a SSD drive, blendy vj will be no throughput and performance will be worse. Obviously, you need multiple video outputs on your computer.


All libraries are avaliable at the Syphon website. For practical examples, watch the tutorials.

Blendy Dome VJ

Load the files in your favourite syphon player and BlendyDome VJ will slice and perfectly map and blend all the outputs: One step forward blendj the immersive architecture. Mapping blendy vj blend on VDMX. A x media will be scaled to fit into 2 overlapped and blended x projectors.

Mapping the template on VDMX. Once you start the latest Blendy VJ for the first time, it will update the licence info on your computer and the beta will stop working. Simulate projectors setup and navigate in your virtual dome just blendy vj a video game. There are two ways to calculate the size of your template and media resolution, depending on what you are mapping.

blendy vj Ideally, use only on standalone installations. Anything above blendy vj, it is recommended that you first test if your video cards will support and perform well. The Blendyy Pro usually comes with one or more video card, each with multiple outputs. Each licence can be installed on 2 computers. If the area of your projection is bldndy, if you have freedom to project somewhere not restricted, like a big wall, the easiest is to match your media to your total output resolution.


Do not upgrade your current work if you are not online. Want to spend some time in Brazil learning more and drinking Catuaba? How Blendy VJ works 3.

Blendy » Manual

When projecting or mapping anything, it is important to have a templatea blueprint of the area you will map. You can now go and map any dome. Acquire a licence and authorize tour computer to get rid of the watermark. BlendyDome VJ can also be used as a pre visualisation tool for your fulldome creations.

If you are using multiple outputs on your video card instead blendy vj a Blendy vj, you will need to open multiple MadMapper instances.

For Flat Surfaces

You will have to cover all the area with light of the projectors and when you map your media inside it, it will fit perfectly. Blendy vj into Abobe Illustrator and vectorize every line and element you want to use. A Macbook Pro or Mac Pro is recommended.