Half an hour into the album, you’re jumping out of your seat and getting crunk, but you’re smiling and laughing while doing so. Mama Always Told Me. You have to be logged in to post a comment. Tweet user ratings 7. Streams Videos All Posts. Good review, Crunk Dub sounds like a good mixture. There’s the potential for at least two stronger albums, especially if the duo continues to develop alongside Black.

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Styles Dirty South Southern Rap. Half an hour into the album, you’re jumping out of your seat and getting crunk, but you’re smiling and laughing while doing so. The lines of “Wood Grain” set the mood: They should listen up. By the end of this track, the message is clear: Login Create a Profile. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. There’s a drastic drop in quality during the latter half of the disc, but this remains a strong start.

The last three tracks da backwudz wood work out the yin and yang of the rest of the record with a chill vibe, as “Same Song” smoothly segues between da backwudz wood work strongest ghetto anthem, “Lock And Load,” and the requisite weed anthem, “Smoke N Ride.

Tracks like “You Gonna Luv Me” and “The World Could Be Yours” — also produced by Blacka Midwesterner who does little to affect the duo’s Southernness — combine Southern machine bump with flipped soul samples worthy of Just Blaze or Kanye Westand the MCs are adept over slow-grinding funk and bracingly tense soul, utilizing their heavy drawls and lyrical versatility.


That track features the most inspiring moment of the record, in which one of the song’s fictional protagonists is wrongly scorned for being gay. Streams Videos All Posts. If Da Backwudz followed a track like “Fantastic” with some Dead Prez flag-burner, the record would be absurd, but that is not Backwudz style. To be even more just, the first half is tremendously tight.

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They don’t pretend woov they haven’t been inspired by Goodie Mob and OutKastand wopd certainly shows throughout Wood Worktheir first album. Super-producer Dallas Austin was so knocked out by da Backwudz that he signed the duo and da backwudz wood work the Rowdy label. Release Date April 18, Even without considering the contributions of the Decatur MCs, the album is a bumpin’, chillin’, Southern experience, never repetitive, always crunk but never too much so, and innovative enough to sound Southern without being limited.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Just as the first half of the record was both unabashedly backkwudz and self-effacingly satirical, the second half da backwudz wood work poignant, plaintive, and sometimes touching, but without getting too serious to be believable.

Their flows will remind you of OutKast, but their lyrical approach is quite different. The third track, though, is the point at which Wood Work most clearly pulls away from the competition, and the competition never catches up.


Wood Work Album by Da Back Wudz on Spotify

Even with all this material, the record rarely feels cramped, only showing signs of strain well beyond the half-way mark. The beat drops with a depth you can feel in your gut, almost subsonic. This unequivocal statement of support for tolerance in hip hop is worthy of note. I’m wori gonna make a dub version of “Octopus’s Garden.

Smoke N Ride Marcus Thomas. Year of the Snitch. The World Could Be Yours. Good review, Crunk Dub sounds like a good mixture.

The rhythms are crunk, but the sounds are not, and the lyrics even less so. Zebra Moderator July 17th Comments. Several star producers, most notably Dallas Austin and Da backwudz wood work Blackcrafted tracks that fall somewhere in between OutKast’s limitless eccentricity and T.

Bxckwudz user ratings 7. Great work on the review to, I’ll have to check this out. They’re certainly not serious, and they’re definitely within the acceptable norm of Dirty South club track subject matter, minus most of the misogyny and a little bit lighter on the materialism, but the lyrical dexterity would handicap Lil Backwydz.