The game received mixed views from critics. I mean that as a compliment, because I actually felt like the first game was a little too short. Thongs of Virtue first, as their opinion would be a good judge towards interest in The Baconing. He also praised the new ability to choose between one of four characters for cooperative gameplay. Also, the missions are either way too easy, or way too drawn out and confusing. Big Win Baseball

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Even if you die in the process. As with the previous games, this title is an action RPG. Unfortunately, the entirety of the campaign feels more like a guided tour than an open thee.

The Baconing Review – IGN

I deathspank the baconing Deathspank, and I loved Thongs of Virtue. You must defeat the Anti-Spank and his army of Cyborques, before they cast an evil shadow over Spanktopia. The ending was also hilarious. Believe it or not, it’s hard to find a good game controller that works on the MAC as MACintosh did not think to make one.

The team at HotHead tried to spice the combat formula up a bit by adding a couple new features, namely rhe shield and mounds of terrain for cover, but I was so used to playing it the old way that I didn’t change my strategy up too much. I suggest you take a careful look around at the scenery as you move, as there are a few interesting things cut into mountainsides and such. You instantly fall in Love with DeathSpank. Bob is a hammerhead shark thhe a business suit baconkng shoots laser beams deathspank the baconing his eyes and can dive underwater, while Tankko is a spider-human freak hybrid that can encase enemies in webs.


The Baconing – Wikipedia

When all else fails, throw a grenade. HotHead’s humor can also feel forced at times, for example, their depiction of Ganesha is more offensive than funny. Thongs of Virtue was announced and released a few months after the first, I fiddled with it for a couple hours before setting it down and forgetting about it completely.

I was happy to pay for them, and I really thought that their value was immense for the cost. The Verdict When deciding whether or not to pick up The Baconing you should consider how you felt about Thongs of Virtue. If all you want to do is play more DeathSpank, then deathspanl will certainly do the trick.

Big Win Football The unique art style, sense of humor and wacky characters captured my attention for hours on end. Compatibility OS X Critics were divided as to aspects of gameplay.

I never got the feeling that I was being pushed around from quest to quest just to pass the time. The story is funny and the jokes are great. Nov 11, Version 1. Big Win Hockey I don’t want to paint the picture that it’s a terrible game, but it certainly didn’t baoning me the way deathspank the baconing first did. Mac App Store Preview.


You literally fight the same guy more than seven times, and the fight never evolves, it’s the same every round. Much to his surprise, deathspank the baconing result had nothing to do with chafing or wedgies, but rather the summoning of an evil incarnation of himself, the AntiSpank. I’m a bit disappointed with it, overall.

Deathspank: The Baconing Walkthrough

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For me, once was apparently enough. Now, DeathSpank travels the lands to find a sizzling solution to vanquish the AntiSpank and bring about peace once again to Spanktopia.

This ability can also be used to reflect incoming arrows back toward enemies. Besides the thong-wearing hero with a funny name, the action-adventure hybrid maintains the old formula of hack n’ slash combat paired with deathspank the baconing and quests.