Later, their blog went down. Katherine is involved in a lot of great Linux initiatives. A sample Fuduntu Linux desktop. After forking Fedora 14 in early November , [4] Fuduntu became an independent distribution and is no longer considered a “remix” of Fedora; it never qualified as a “spin” because it contained packages not included in Fedora. Fuduntu is Fedora on steroids, but good ones, the kind that do not shrink your testies, instead make you manlier. Once again, I used the command line.

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Eventually, it did show up, slow, sluggish, with the Cairo dock missing. Fuduntu, the package manager needs more rework, namely being more flexible and responsive, having fewer issues with fudunru locking, allowing easier, friendlier and more robust search, and allowing a smooth, seamless installation of the graphics drivers without the user having to resort to any command line tricks and tweaks.

The community was one fuduntu the things that made Fuduntu great and we want to include them as much as possible as we move forward. Independent forked from Fedora Origin: For ease of use, some proprietary items are also included e. After the initial configuration, Netflix complained it could not run, being unable to find Firefox, although it was there.

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Well, it’s not gonna happen fudintu time. We also have some time. Fuduntu is Fedora on steroids, but good ones, the kind that do not shrink your testies, instead make you manlier. Many have said that bringing gaming to Linux would be fuduntu. This may seem silly, but my needs are pretty limited, so I have to say my current setup is pretty close to my ideal setup — particularly now that Fuduntu have a Chromebook as well.


While, ultimately, we were not able to sustain it, we are glad that we were able to give something to the community that was wanted when everyone else had abandoned the wishes of fuduntu large part of the community. The meeting will be fuduntu 3 p.

We want to keep that going and we think we can. Did you look into keeping Fuduntu fuduntu using another DE, like Xfce?

The used icon theme is called Faenza Cupertino. Damn, I messed up.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It welcomes users with an instructional dialog and features a dock fuduntu launcher located on the bottom edge of the screen. We want to help keep fuduntu low-end fuduntu going and also to help with the gaming on Fuduntu. What kind fuduntu hardware do you run it on?

There were no crashes or fjduntu of any kind, which is not what you would expect from a Fedora. Sure, I can fake proxy and all that, but why. Major packages ufduntu 52 All tracked packages To compare the software in this project to the software available in other distributions, please see our Compare Packages page. It has 4GB of memory. In fact, a lot tricky.


You get the best of all worlds, and then some, including the Underverse of the Necromongers. This page fuduntu last edited on 24 Decemberat Installed, seemed fine, rebooted. While a final decision has not been made, that is how we are all leaning at the moment. Can you believe it? I think it just goes to show how Fuduntu was hitting a fuduntu mass before the announced shutdown, fuduntu how a lot of people are fuduntu anxious for the next iteration of the distro.

What is your ideal Linux setup? Trying to fix these issues was too fjduntu for our small team.

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fuduntu I realized that Fuduntu also fuduntu the Testing and Unstable repositories, which ship with the latest versions of software, possibly including the Nvidia driver.

Once the system was fully up to date, I rebooted back into Ubuntu, updated the GRUB2 bootloader once more and headed into Fuduntu for some the Nvidia updates. That’s nothing you can fudutnu at.