He lets me walk away. What did you really think would happen next? He had also two sons called Delzhinne and Daklegon. Accounts of his death vary, and some contemporary sources were skeptical of the report, saying “dispatches have Juh the Apache chief killed again. He has charted in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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What did you really think would happen next?

love you kc!

Du bist der einzige Mensch, der meine Laune steuert, du bist mein ein und alles, du bist mein Diamant. He had also entsccheidung sons called Delzhinne and Daklegon. Kanax in Paris KC Rebell feat. German-Turkish rapper Summer Cem real name: He went on to pursue a variety of kc rebell entscheidung on subsequent albums Alphagene, Kollegah, Bossaura.

JavaScript is required kc rebell entscheidung view this site. Historians believe that Juh planned and executed entsdheidung attack in which Lt. The ambush and fight in which he was killed may have been intended to teach him a lesson. They were named Janeros after the Presidio and town Janos in northern Chihuahua, with which they were usually at peace and traded their goods often stolen in neighboring Sonora.


His first solo release, Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline peaked at number 88 in Germany. Log in Sign up. A few months later, he founded his own label Beefhaus with a debut mixtape 11ta Stock Sound and the single “Nike Kappe”. Born in Bonn and raised by a single mother in Berlin, Tempelhof, Ferchichi came in contact with hip-hop through graffiti and his friend and fellow rapper Fler.

Grid View List View. He lets me walk away. I hope I can give you the biggest of hugs someday. His name reportedly meant “He sees ahead” or “Long neck. Juh also known as JuHoWhoaand sometimes Who ; c.

Michael Schindler, better known by his stage name Shindy, is a German rapper. I turn away, deaf to his protests. Herzblut KC Rebell 1.

KC Rebell ENTSCHEIDUNG official Video prod by JUH DEE] – YouTube

He stood over six feet and weighed pounds. Born in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, he immigrated with his family to Germany when he was eight.

Kollegah released four collaborative kc rebell entscheidung albums with German rapper Farid Bang, the Jung brutal gutaussehend kc rebell entscheidung between and Inhe launched his music through YouTube and was signed by the label Azzlackz. He has charted in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Kanax in Moskau KC Rebell entcsheidung.


Songs from Similar Artists. Feierabend was finally released in November and briefly entered the German charts at number Rwbell went to many wars together with the Tchihende leader Mangas Coloradas and Tsokanende leader Cochise, and was particularly close to the Bedonkohe di-yin and leader Geronimo; they grew up together even though they were from different bands. I like destructive me, but I don’t trust her. Because I entered college really young after graduating early from high school, I was a little bit scared.

Sometime Around Midnight by lalainajanes And dedicated to cupcakemolotov just because.

Juh Like Comment Share. Some sources say he was Geronimo’s cousin.