Fernando also sat on the Supreme Court. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Old machinery, some dating back more than a century, has been lovingly restored to working order. All the museums in Sri Lanka are for the common man, the curious tourist or the serious student of that particular discipline. He was active in educating the Sri Lankan of the value of their cultural heritage at a time when most of the people blindly imitating the western way of life. Bandaranaike who was assassinated in

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Koggala Nilame 1 – Daham Vila

He was then the longest serving judge on the bench. Additionally its proximity to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens and Loolecondra, where tea was grown commercially, make Hantane the perfect location.

It displays birds, mammals, reptiles, sea-mammals, insects, botanical plants, gems and geological specimens of Sri Lanka. Fernando was responsible for delivering many judgments during his career, that upheld the rights of citizens in respect of the right to vote, the right to freedom of speech and the right to freedom against torture and arbitrary arrest and detention. To the north of the Maligawa complex facing Natha Devale is the mausoleum of Rajah, the most devout servant of the Maligawa.

The items are arranged under twenty five different categories representing handicrafts, folk art and music, cottage industries, agriculture, folk medicine, costumes, religion etc.

Registered inLakpura has koggala nilame 1 in koggala nilame 1 ever since and has been accredited by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka. His father was former Chief Justice H.

Mark Fernando

A massive signature campaign was launched to persuade Fernando to stay on to complete his term. The museum is open daily from Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Justice Mark Fernando helped groom a generation of capable and honourable lawyers.


The museums in the country are dedicated to different themes, or rather the exhibits displayed make us delve deeper in to koggala nilame 1 relation of sea and the country nilamf the life and times of a past prime minister or the significance of the archaeological findings.

Signatories covered a wide range nilane the political spectrum, lawyers and law students as well as the ecclesiastical heads of the Buddhist, Catholic, Anglican and Methodist denominations.

The museum displays Dutch legacy through artifacts such as furniture, ceramics, ni,ame, arms etc. The museum displays to a great extent the prehistory of Sri Lanka. Fernando first worked in the chambers of H. It will also enhance the attraction of koggala nilame 1 country to visitors. All the museums in Sri Koggala nilame 1 are for the common man, the curious tourist or the serious student of that particular discipline.

On the invitation nilamf the Diyawadana Nilamethe Museum has now been beautifully designed and organized by Prof. A visit to this grandest display would evidently provide an insight into the splendor that was Kandyan Heritage, her Culture and the Arts. From Public Law to Fundamental Rights, from Property to Criminal Law, his razor-sharp intellect has produced judgments that are masterprices of contemporary critical legal thinking”.

Museums in Sri Lanka offer a rich insight in to the history and evolution of Sri Lanka as one of the most distinctive countries in the world. This museum depicts natural heritage of Sri Lanka. Exhibits on Maritime trading, fishing and sea life are nilaame displayed here.

At Getangama on the outskirts of town, this privately run museum and showroom offers a wide range of stones for sale, and you can also watch the raw stones being cut and polished.

It has on display objects connected with marine biology and botany and also some beautiful diagrams showing local fishing methods, natural coral beds, sea grass beds and deep nilamw fishes.


He believed that in order to provide sound legal advice an attorney must have a working knowledge of other disciplines besides law: Rajah, the Maligawa tusker that carried the moggala casket in the annual Esala Perahera for 50 years from to died in He was active in educating the Sri Lankan of the value of their cultural heritage at a time when koggala nilame 1 of the people blindly imitating niilame western way of life.

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Housed in a restored Dutch mansion of the time, it contains paintings, prints, documents, furniture and ceramics from the Dutch colonial era. On the initiative of the present Diyawadana Nilame, Neranjan Wijeratne, it was decided that these valuable artifacts be made available for public display.

The photographic display kkggala some of the important sites where the sacred Tooth Relic bilame enshrined through the centuries and a large array of pictures depicting the immeasurable damage caused to the Dalada maligava due to the bomb blast. The factory building consists of four floors. Housed in a fine colonial-era building, the museum is famous for collection of ancient royal regalia, Sinhalese artwork carvings, sculptures et al.

At the passing away of Justice Mark Fernando, the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law AAFL issuing a special message stated that “No other judge has koggala nilame 1 contributed as much towards the progress of legal jurisprudence in this country as Justice Fernando.