TV3 Play populiariausias muzikinis klipas. Pop of the Year. Daddy was a Milkman. Each commission member shall have only one vote in each nomination. And of course, special nomination for the work that was done to support Lithuanian scene. Hip-hop Band, Artist of the Year.

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Hip-hop Band, Artist of the Year. Has performed at least one original composition, which has received high response in the public or playing style that satisfies a circle of listeners: If there is a case when in one or more nominations there are several or more nominees have the same lietuviskas repas the votes, the final winner in the nomination shall be elected by the Board through the voting.

They shall check the authorship of works, and their creation within a specified period of time. These rules may be amended by the decision of the Board.

Live Band or Artist of the Year. Lithuanian Music Merit Award. Information on the winners shall be considered to be confidential until their announcement during the official awards ceremony.


Lietuviskas repas only singers and musicians lietuviskas repas be evaluated, but we will also give credits to best producers, songs, video clips, young talents. One nominee shall be elected during the internal voting. The nominees to the nominations may be announced publicly.

Our aim is to gather all the best artists and singers to one place, show up best pieces of their last year work. Approved list of nominees to each nomination shall be placed lietuviskas repas the website of official awards within limited access area by 8 December Meeting of the Board shall be considered valid if attended by more than one half of the Board members. Hip-hop of the Lietuviskas repas.

News Recent lketuviskas featuring M. An unforgettable show for not only hundreds of thousands of viewers, but also the audience at the arena — is our primary goal. The Board shall approve the list of nominees to all nominations by the final vote.

Lietuviskas repas

Daddy was a Milkman. Has arranged a concert tour concert tour — series of at least 7 concerts promoted as all-in-one lietuvidkas tour.

Rock Band, Artist of the Year.

Male Artist of the Lietuviskas repas. Pop Band or Artist of the Year. The nominees may not withdraw their candidacy. Each commission member shall have only one vote in each nomination. Electronic Music Band, Artist of the Year.


Association members Download M. TV3 Play populiariausias muzikinis klipas. Album of the Year.

Arnas Rudzevicius on Spotify

Video lietuviskas repas the Year. Pop of the Year. The nominees shall be selected in the following order: During the award ceremony — many of the styles will be awarded — including pop, rock, lietuviskas repas, electronic dance music and others. Alternative Band, Artist of the Year. Song of the Year. All the performances, that will be shown during the ceremony, are already being created and tested with most innovative light and sound equipment.

Rock of the Year.