Panels at junctions change the direction of some Zoombinis, according to certain characteristics; wherefore an incorrect placement at the start may cause the Zoombini to vanish. Match 3 Fun Games. TheoX 1 point Windows version. Love this game, I got it working on windows 3. I wish I still had my copy of this game, damnit. The puzzles are so clever!

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Logical Journey of the Zoombinis – Wikipedia

As the difficulty increases, characteristics disappear from the wall until none are shown. Once Zoombinis complete either of these two legs, they will arrive at Shade Tree, the second campsite. Doing so will create an electric charge indicated by the stones turning red or blue. Ha why don’t,t ya have it on tablet they got everything else wanted my 8 yr old granddaughter to play I want logical zoombinis again too. Here are two bridges across a crevassesupported by six wooden pegs.

Some of these file may logiical be included in the game stores. I used to play it all the time until my computer broke so I remembered the name and I couldn’t stop playing it!


Publish this logjcal for everyone to see. The game was made inand released in I followed your instructions logical zoombinis a logicak. Pages containing links to subscription-only content Subscription required using via CS1 logical zoombinis On the third level, the Zoombinis are placed on a 4 by 4 grid.

I don’t know any math games that have been as fun as this one. Zoombinis will become a quick favorite — kids and parents alike will want to sneak in a few extra minutes to get the crazy creatures a little further along the path.

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

Views Read Edit View history. When I played this game zlombinis a child, the rating on the box said “Ages 10 and Up”. In the depths of space, containment is degrading and spectres are breaking free. Then, in Marchthey launched a Kickstarter logical zoombinis to fund additional enhancements and releases, including PC and Kindle versions. If zoobinis wrong cave is selected, a guardian will release a rock slide, sending the Zoombini to the bottom.

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award!

It needs to be an app. I found this wonderful guide which addresses both of these issues. The following changes were made since v1. Search for a mysterious artifact in a forgotten castle, find clues and puzzles! The Nichi logical zoombinis point Windows logical zoombinis.


Technical Education Research Centers, Inc. Jack -2 points Windows version. Lainee 0 point. Archived from the original on February 6, It’s an ISO file so you will need a virtual drive daemon tools or the likes.

For Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, we have the following files:. We do not have windows XP any more.

Andrea Logical zoombinis -1 point Windows version. The first level has 5 rooms, the second has 25 rooms, the third has 25 rooms with some rooms boarded up, and the fourth level has rooms and no clock. Each path is guarded by two stone guardians, who divide the Zoombinis according to features. The Zoombinis must be placed on the path, in order, according to certain characteristics shown on the wall.