This is bold text and this is normal text. See all tracks 25 Export playlist to the new widget. Guttersnipe Join the Strike. Really delete this comment? Compromised punk rock from Paris, with good and well recorded sound in this their first album. Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! Shock Troops is a street punk masterpiece like no other.

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Their music is strong and full of live and power. Really delete this comment? Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. Fast beats, shouty choruses and loud guitars together with traditional Irish tunes influences.

I sometimes stretch your fuckin’ rules But I’m not dumb, I’m not a fool I don’t need anybody tellin’ me what I have to do I know what I want ‘coz that’s my attitude I won’t be dictated to I do what I want to do And if the people on the streets cannot understand I also sometimes convince them with violence I’m no boozer, but I’m sometimes drunk I tell what I want, I have a ready tongue Many tried to missuse me for their own aims But I’m still independent and go my own way Diffamed by the press, standered by society They only tell you lies because of their density So don’t believe those muckmuckers and their ficticious news Come to me and I’ll show you what’s false and what’s true Ref.: Band from Torino with awesome personality.


First Day Angry Song. Cetomedio e loikaemie wir sind die skins loro startup La fine del Cetomedio.

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There was legendary rivalry between Morgan and Prince Buster, who accused Morgan of stealing his ideas. England Belongs to Me. Jin Rai will beat you like a punch in your face. Loikaemie, Composer, Performer, Writer Copyright: Ein skinhead ohne Stiefel. I like my way, my way of life I’m a skinhead that’s my pride Oi!

Read the article The fall of Mark E. Wir sind die Skins Heyo! This LP was recorded back in and is their very best work, despite the chorus you can hear in song no.

Music playback has been interrupted because your Qobuz account is currently being used on another device [? You will find almost all their songs in this album limited to 1, copies including some Live recordings.

Compromised punk rock from Paris, with good and well recorded sound in this their first album. Band from Japan and also the most well-know.


Guttersnipe stand up to support and give voice to the working class power and real skinhead way of living with their simple and basic oi-punk. Probably, the best Italian Oi! Copy and paste this link to download: Read the article Second Time Lucky?

Out on an Island.

Loikaemie – Wir Sind Die Skins (lp Mp3) Vinyl LP Download

About Album description 1 disk – 25 tracks – Total length: Guttersnipe Join the Strike. Ballad Of The Working Man. Just about everything they recorded. All News Daily Roundup.

In my opinion, best Japanese band you can find. Cheeeek that out dude. So sehen wir euch.

Every Day, Every Weekend. Some Things Never Change