However, we later learn that everything is definitely not what it seems. After learning of Khalil he acts as a rebel in the relationship of the two, but eventually doesn’t succeed and gives up on Shano. Songs are especially difficult on non-native ears in terms of comprehension. Can one use the expression waari jaana in Urdu or is this Punjabi? Share This Page Tweet. Khalil takes Shano at their maternal grandmother’s place where their maternal uncle also helps them but when they’re about to get married the police along with Shano’s father Amin reaches there and stops the marriage. But Khalil is very angry with Rasheeda and pushes her away.

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Mukarram Kaleem as Fayaz- Mukarram plays his role as Shano’s paternal cousin.

Maa Tere Sadke Jaawaan

Khalil hides Shano safely. Mahira Khan Adnan Malik For entire cast see below. Shano’s sister asks Khalil to meet Shano’s son who she had named Khurram ssadke from Khalil and ru from Rukhsana which was Shano’s real name. Her character is displayed as being very quick tempered and aggressive to Shanno, often hitting and yelling at her daughter. Jago Pakistan Jago Wonderful Indonesia.

Answer Questions Do you think that Rihanna borrowed words to make her tre about diamonds in the sky from the Radiant Emerald song in the video game Sonic R? Shano agrees and date is fixed. Retrieved from ” https: Maqsood tries to stop him knowing that Fayaz might hurt him but he goes anyway.


Sadqay Tumhare – Wikipedia

Over time, we see that Shanno’s mother has quite a few secrets she hides. Sahir Ali Bagga Sohail Haider.

Pakistani telenovelas Pakistani drama television series s Pakistani television series Pakistani television series debuts Pakistani television series endings Urdu-language television programs Hum TV series Hum TV.

Looking for the name of a song from late ‘s? jawam

What is the meaning of the song “sadke java” by h dhami?

Inayat was pregnant with ex-husband’s child at the time so Khalil is not Abdur Rehman’s son. LahoreInterior PunjabSialkotSambrial. Can you name a maa tere sadke jawan that starts with the letter IlluminatusJan 3, Sadqay Tumhare Title screen. Set in the s Pakistani society and based on the writer’s real-life story, Maa tere sadke jawan Tumhare follows the story of Shano Mahira Khan.

What would be the perfect Beatles song for a marriage proposal serenade? She is the main person who opposes marrying Shanno and Khalil, although she is the jzwan who initially promised it. However, her parents threaten her to never see him again. Adnan Malik made his acting debut with this serial. He is with the marriage, and does anything he can to make sure that Shano and Khalil get married. He is a medical student living with Khalil’s szdke. Siddiq i means descended from Siddiq[ue], a renowned person from the 7th century AD.


For the best answers, search on this site https: Dictionary and thread title search: Maqsood acts as Khalil’s voice of reason. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Shanno is a very quiet and dreamy girl in the beginning but as time passes, she becomes stronger and braver. Is that what they are saying in that song? Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? And yes, after trying to make sense of French songs, I fully empathize with you! Maqsood plans for Shano maa tere sadke jawan Khalil to marry in court, despite both of their objections.

Shano’s parents reject Khalil’s parents’ proposal that Khalil marry Shano.