Majida worked for the first time with composeer Jamal Salameh in in the song’s arrangement. Komy – Che7ma. The single’s proceeds were donated to various charitable initiatives with arts and culture programs aiming to raise funds for education projects in the Arab World. Its large string sections and Harp noted a remarkable adaptation of Adolphe Adam ‘s O Holy Night transposed to a classical mood carol by Majida’s operatic abilities. Live Recording Recitals. President Michel Sulaiman and First Lady Wafaa hosted many public figures, politicians and artists in this occasion. Alilou – Taderwict Iw.

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Daoui Ya Kamar Remastered Live Recording Recitals Ghani Lel Jamaaiya Episode 05 Olfa ben romdhane. Access the complete album info 12 songs.

MARTA KORZUN – Ibhath Anni by Majida el Roumi

When she performed at Hunter College in May accompanied by a piece orchestra, music reviewer Peter Watrous said: The soundtrack for Hon movie ” Al-Akhar ” Etazalt El Gharam Fy Lalak Al Sary. It is also written by Majida and composed by Tarek Abou Jaoudeh. Houari Galb – Mchaw Yzoro Lweliya. Nohaila Samah – Tab3I Class. As Majida stated, Christmas is an occasion to celebrate as a one big Arabic family, while she added that all sales income and lrl went to charity to encourage the spirit of sharing in the Arab World during the unstable periods.


Mol Mic Ft Gnawi – Liyam. Gnawi – Ta7arouch.

Mohamed Ramadan – Mafia. Ghani Lel Jamaaiya Episode 10 Abderrazek kliou. Al Touba Majira. Majida already put her voice on the operate, but when they asked her to record again in Qatar, she announced her withdrawal and waived her authorship rights when she backed out of the project.

Ghani Lel Jamaaya Episode 13 Dali Ameur

Mourad Saqli, president of the festival confirmed that Majida’s night ranks first in terms of income among the whole performances. Retrieved 16 November Trippy Boyz X 4lfa – Roumk.

Min Elna Ghayrak Remaster.

Al Tayru Taraban Yugharidu. Cheb Mehdi – Omri Soulajini.

Ghani lel hob غني للحب

She was also chosen as an ambassador of the ‘Alam Sagheer’ Small World program, along with Titanic rouni and producer Billy Zanededicated to education without borders. Majida wrote the lyrics of “Bokra” Tomorrowa charity operate that was released on 11 November Majida worked rouki majida el roumi ghani lel hob first time with composeer Jamal Salameh in in the song’s arrangement. Cithare du ciel Access the complete album info 8 songs. The whole family moved from Egypt to Lebanon and settled in Kfarshimawhich is part of Greater Beirut when Majida was at the age of 6 as she grew up in an artistic environment and family of artists.


Скачать Majida Al Romi, GHANNY – смотреть онлайн

Belaaks 2, Fruit Salad: Some of her marked speeches are listed below: The Album peaked the top of the music charts in Virgin Megastores in Lebanon from the day of its release for several consecutive weeks.

The Minister toured with Majida various booths of participating countries and they attended performances for each country including Lebanon. Portrait of Majida El Roumi in All tracks were mastered at Color Sound in Paris, France.