She recorded the first demo tape and with her own original arrangements, the famous song Autumn Leaves J. Distributed by Sounddesign Austria, Peter Guschelbauer. Her voice is a velvety and smoky rich alto, her singing is direct, emotional and passionate. Since then the band performed in clubs and festivals in Europe and recorded two CDs, both nominated for the German Critic Prize. Hopefully next year will be a better one with more experience and added talent. Camp- near death boating accident.

mike supancic cd

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EuroSimE in Linz – 21st EuroSimE in Cracow, Poland

The juniors, with the aid of Bonnie Blanchard, did a spectacular job with their theme Shooting Star. Not only she sings perfectly in tune, but her voice is full of pathos, energy, poetry and emotion.

mike supancic cd

Team captains were eighth graders Kris Triller and Julie Anderson. But I must be moving on,” 31 yellow lights, soccer. Italian singer Anna Lauvergnac and her musical soul mate, Supancoc pianist Claus Raible, entered the studio with a well-rehearsed program, ready to start the complex metamorphosis that transforms music from an intangible vision to physical reality.

EuroSimE 2011 in Linz

B, Warren; R 3, T. With the Nonet, I have finally not only managed to merg e all my different musical influences of the past years but also to write and play music in which I find myself reflected both as a saxophone player and as a composer and arranger. Coleman for their photography work and Mary Freeborn for her artwork. Numerical modelling and optimization of an electronic system embedded in multi-layered viscoelastic materials under shock loads Amjad Alsakarneh, Liam Moore, John Barrett, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland.


mike supancic cd

FEM based modeling and optimization of a 2D micro mirror W. EMA29 debut album was released in by Kristina Barta at the Austrian Alessa Records in cooperation with the Austrian promoter Peter Guschelbauer among others in the years – he was the promoter of the Austrian Joe Zawinul.

Full text of “Proctor High School Yearbook “

During March the club went to a regional art ce at Woodstock High School. Petersburg Jazz festival and many more. Photos by Nicola Robin. It was in New York that he met, and later took master classes from pianist Dr. Per Bass Viking Mathisen: Gestole, Fairchild Semiconductor, Cebu, Philippines As both my saxophone and composition student I know Tobi to be an amazingly hard-working, results-oriented and inspired musician willing to do what it takes to reach his goals.

Wohlgemerkt mit selbstgeschriebenen Kompositionen! The team’s leading scorers w r ere Ann Pentkowski and Tina Barker who also did a super job of defense, causing many turnovers.

Nostalgie kann Perspektive haben.

ssupancic A contemporary jazz band, Niogi performs original pieces using a combination of acoustic instruments and synths. S, artists participat- ed in three spring art events this year. In her many years with the Vienna Art Orchestra she used her voice as a horn in the sax section, duetted with A.

The music you hear here, is clearly excellent music, rooted in its tradition, but gently nodding towards the future”. In her splendid first solo recording she courageously produced a full project of ballads, my favorites being her duets with jazz legend Andy Bey, she shone on Till Martin’s spare arrangements and delighted audience and critics interpretating the compositions of Randy Newman with the Julia Huelsmann Trio.


Gestole, Fairchild Semiconductor, Cebu, Philippines. State Soccer Champion- ships, This year the boys had to share the championship with Hazen after 2 ten-minute overtimes which ended in a deadlock.

alessa records

Seit lebt Gabric in NYC. To give praise at this point in his history would be redundant but equally justified.

Tracy enforced the golden rule. Das Saxophon spielt der aus Deutschland stammende Johannes Enders, welcher bereits durch internationale Projekte wie z. The team had a disappointing year, ending with a record. Ed Poljacik and Eric Supan- cic both made the M. The eighth grade, therefore, took second place while the seniors came through with third.

She recorded the first demo tape and with her own original arrangements, the famous song Autumn Leaves J. Shelley Wheeler, leave my unalcoholic and unsmoking habits to’ the Proctor High students.