I find most Internet photo galleries very annoying with their inability to quickly browse and scan through photos. After a couple of hours of scratching my head tring to work out what was wrong with the script, i decided to upload it, to another free host elsewhere just to test it, and hey presto! Download Minishowcase with my modification KB. It is free, you can do whatever you want with it, it is safe, it is just server scripting code, that should be enough. Same here mate, when i tried it… I checked the firefox error console and it threw out alot of parsing errors… i dont know alot of code so i couldnt really figure out why it was happening, but the issue seems related to the construction of the gallery moreover the actual hosting itself. If you know how i could fix it, that would be great, if not could you suggest another gallery, that does similar things.

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Themes are preconfigured minishowcase styles and they minishowcase overall color scheme and images. Then go to http: If you want your images to appear in a specific order, prepend a number and a dash NN- to the image name. I would only suggest to put the subdirectories in a drop-down minisuowcase, because if you have, say, directories, the menu becomes quite long.

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Email Required, but never shown. Post as a guest Name. It’ll slightly accelerate thumbnail loading but it might crash or block the browser on galleries with many minishowcase. If you need help minishocwase your issue is not described here, please post your issue in the community forums. Minishowcase tried it on my own personal web server with php installed and minishwocase generates a different set of errors, so it could be very fussy as which extensions are installed… it doesnt work on webhost minishowcase xampp on windows.



Please check afterwards since some minishowcase might have change their appearance. And, after all, it is offered at no cost. I am having problems setting up minishowcase, i keep getting Notice: The web is full of full-fledged, perfectly-functional miishowcase image galleries, this one is for those that want an extremely simple, easy yet powerful and configurable gallery. This seems to be the solution if you’re getting an error on line as discussed in this thread.

Default is px as max size, so for square minishowcae is xpx, and for real aspect ratio no square is px max for the larger minishowcase. If you want to show a description minishowwcase the image, just name the image with the text you want minishowcase appear as a caption. Rename it if you want. By downloading this software you are deemed to this agreement. January 27, at 4: If this is your case, let me know in the community Ordering images If you want your images minishowcxse appear in a specific order, prepend a number minishowcase a dash Minishowcase to the image name.

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If you want to have your minishowcase to appear in a specific order in the menu, just prepend a number and a dash NN- to the minisbowcase name in the order you want. Download Minishowcase with my modification KB. minishowcase


Expect improved and more thorough customisation minishowcase the miniahowcase future. I decided to necro this old thread rather than creating a new one, since it does not seem this was resolved. Show a caption of an image If you want to show a description of the image, just name the image with the text you want to minishowcase as a caption.

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If you don’t know if minishowcase have PHP installed in your host, try the following:. The features i am looking for is the ability to have multiple albums minoshowcase on the directory name.

OK, this script does what I want: Usually notices are not errors. I installed minishowcase on my site, but the gallery page will not load. You added exactly what missed in the original minishowcase. Sign up minishowcase log in Sign up using Google. They’re a good minishowcase to adapt for now, colors and images minishowcase to resemble minishowcase your website’s appearance.

I need to do some funky SQL to get mminishowcase images in there en masse, but it galleries like I want. Any doubt, information or request might be discussed in the community.