Monlam Tibetan Font Version 2 is not only a font which we normally use in text documents such as Microsoft Word and Notepad. If you don’t know English at all The app itself has the following features in it. There are 10 different printable Tibetan fonts in Version 2. You don’t need any advanced computer knowledge to work with Monlam Tibetan Fonts. You can directly change the fonts: Describing his journey, Lobsang says, with an almost childlike excitement, “I had an extremely tough time since I understood neither the computer nor a word of English.

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It also works excellently with latest MS Windows Vista. Click stars to rate this APP! So, I will wait and see.

Tibetan Dictionary for Windows

It works with Monlam tibetan dictionary Windows or higher. If you have a letter typed in U-Chen and at the end you want the latter in Khyuk-Yik, you can directly change the fonts same as you do in English.

See story at Tibet. In Lobsang launched his latest invention, Monlam Bod Yig Version 2, a Unicode font, [and inimproved it again in Version 3, now completely Unicode and with more fonts]. Lastly we hope that this dictionary will benefit the students, scholars and the general public at large thus helping to preserve ones own literature and monlam tibetan dictionary.


Is it user friendly? Almost all monlsm commands can be done in Tibetan. The dictionary is solely for the benefit of the people thus we have not It contains overentries, and is completely open-source.

Yes, it is very easy! It is indeed an exceptional thing to come across a monk who writes software programs especially in a society as conservative as ours where the roles of monks and laypersons are very well defined.

Monlam English-Tibetan Tibetan-English Dictionary

For many, speaking about a monk may conjure up images of monasteries or holy places with solemn monks religiously following monastic studies and chanting prayers, but Lobsang has gone beyond the stereotypical image.

There are 10 different printable Tibetan fonts in Version 2. Tibdtan Monlam Tibetan Font Version 1, Version 2 has this special feature of changing the fonts directly. Monlam fonts are free. You can download the Monlam Bod-Yig V. Version 2 monlam tibetan dictionary a Unicode font: Photo by Lobsang Wangyal.

Just click the green Download button above to start.

This dictionary is one of its monlam tibetan dictionary both in terms of its quality and volume. Letters for Monlam Tibetan Font Version 2 are fixed in such a position that most commonly used words are grouped at the most accessible position. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. The latest version is 1.


Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary 1 Free Download

Even with so much already on his platter, Lobsang reveals that he has a few more projects related to Monlam Fonts lined up. Many people from Tibet, especially those from his own hometown, Amdo Ngawa, used the font, giving him relevant feedback and suggestions to improve the font.

This means that the font will work on any computer, any operating system, now and into the future. Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary 1 version 1. Continue to Monlam Grand Tibetan Dictionary 1. It is in fact more than that. While one must wait and ascertain how many Tibetans around the world will join in this new era of electronic communication in Tibetan language, one cannot help but applaud the efforts of Lobsang Monlam for initiating monlam tibetan dictionary era.

The program can be installed on iOS. We hope that this It is open software and has no commercial value.