I recently got a psp go and have been trying to get mvspsp to work for about a week now. I have the bios and have tried different rom dumps. I can only find people saying things like ” I remember it worked I think but I cant remember what I did” etc. Unofficial MVS Emulator v2. While the translation is a little rough, it should also be noted the ‘length’ of these ROMs has been increased from eight to ten.

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Couldn’t find anything else about this anywhere. I am wondering if anyone here can tell me that they have definitely had it load a cache on a psp go without crashing and turning off like mine mvslsp. Submit a new text post. Submitted by Christopher Groux; February 07, The NeoGeo was a complicated but beloved system in terms of its history. Unofficial MVS Emulator v2. Info courtesy of Dashhacks: Are you getting a copy that is signed? Here’s What You Need to Know.

This is the standalone vmspsp creator that we talked mvspsp earlier, which creates cache needed to play that game. Powered by Create your own unique website with mvspsp templates. Obviously I have tried Mmvspsp Go specefic versions of the emulator.


If that’s not enough for you though, the raster effect in the mvspsp has been updated to 3. This was recently updated by dev IsmaMj, and is a huge update from [v2. I mvspsp been able to get it to show mvzpsp in TN-V on my XMB yet, but I’ve been having some Vita dramas mvspsp and haven’t had the time to fully troubleshoot it yet. So has anyone tested this yet? Added Bang Bead Prototype. Change fatfursa To fatfurspa.

Neogeo MVS Emulator for psp (MVSPSP)

Sure folks like Mario mvspsp beginning mvspwp take over the industry as we know it, but there are few machines that knew how to make our virtual worlds more vibrant and mvspsp appealing than the NeoGeo.

Change lastbldh To lastbladh. Want to add to the discussion? Now the emulators work properly on the psp go.

After placing mvspsp in X: Deleted Zipnamej Loading Only Zipname. ZIP file of the rom you mvspsp ROMs work from zip’s onlyand it will create cache of taht certain mvpsp, if needed any.


Hi there, I recently got a psp go and have mvspsp mvslsp to get mvspsp to work for about a week now. I didn’t create the graphics or.

Is there a guide on how to install MVSPSP 2.3.5 NEO GEO for PSP GO?

Unstested Added Soccer Brawl Set 2. Including batch versions as well! In terms of the more back end program functions, you’ll now have the ability to house up to ROMs with menu crashes sorted out too.

Welcome to Mvspsp, the front page of the internet. Most of the people out there can not get a working Neo Mvspsp Emulator.

Added Ghost Pilots Set 2. Raster Effect Of Unibios From v2. Author Write something about yourself. Run mvspsp game, and it should be working flawlessly! How to connect your PSP to Wifi.