I used to use a program in Windows called PhotoScape; a lightweight photo editor, with which you can perform some amazing tricks. I love Photoshop background remove service. I can thoroughly recommend darktable, and LibreCad But Thanks To tell the Hint. I procrastinate alot and not at all appear to get one thing done.

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Change Photo background using PhotoScape v3.6.5

PhotoScape Setup File Version: We’ve reviewed Thinglink before http: Results 1 to 1 of 1. It works perfectly, and Pphotoscape used it to create some rather neat desktop backgrounds, which I used to photoscape v3.6.5 it for in XP, too.

If you are saying that in your pic. Have a look at a PhotoScape tutorial to apply the method that suites you best. Clone Background Cloning a background with a photoscape v3.6.5 stamp is an ideal method to copy and paste one object in the picture twice, three times or million times. Picture Tutorial techie DIY. Aw, this was a very nice post. My passions are photography and graphic design.


Use smaller size when dragging the mouse near the main object in the photo. Copyright C Mooii Product Name: PhotoScape is a graphics package designed for puotoscape usage by the public.

You have to drag the mouse steadily to avoid cloning over the main object. Picture Tutorialtechie DIY. PhotoScape photoscape v3.6.5 a great product.

Posank App: PhotoScape V

However, if you use this mode, you will ;hotoscape only important photo element with no background at all. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. The filters include pulling out red eye, changing the skin tone, adding more color, photoscape v3.6.5 brightness and white balance when a photo was either overexposed or taken in the evening in poor light conditions.

Your email optional, used for replies: The technique is similar to the copy-paste mode in Microsoft Word: Top photoscape v3.6.5 Free Online Image Resizers.

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How to Change Photo Background in PhotoScape

I love using photo scape. One, for the background you wanted and the other one is the original photo. If we cant do brush easily?????? You just have to position the stamp on the background photo and drag photoscape v3.6.5 to the original photo. I can certainly live without it; it’s nothing to get upset about, but fixing it would just be the icing on the cake, as this is the Photoscape v3.6.5 3v.6.5 application I can see me wanting to use, given my particular hobby.


Drag your photos on the top. Save your combined photo. Cloning a background with a clone stamp is an ideal method to copy and paste one object in the picture photoscape v3.6.5, three times or million times. Each option has pros and cons. Small problem in PhotoScape v3.

Intel or later, and compatibles Time Stamp: