Price Demo Write a Review. Budgeting was very easy to work with and learn, especially compared to managing many many excel spre It definitely has a learning curve but it’s a great program to use once you understand it. Robust and flexible with on-premise deployment option. It is dynamic and multidimensional, as someone who uses it regularly with IT experience, I find it to be a good tool. Pros It is dynamic and multidimensional, as someone who uses it regularly with IT experience, I find it to be a good tool. Making templates and reports are too easy. Ratio of reviewers by sector.

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Templates make for great re-use of information, with easy changes to named-sets variables.

Dynamic information and ability to drill to specified levels prophix software information. Pros I like the simplicity that Prophix brings to its propjix. Easy to use, prophix software to administer, easy to configure. Detailed planning module is separate from budget module which creates good security for segregation of duties. Prophix is a great system for organizing all of softaare financial information in a useful manner.

Providing better visibility and being able to predict future outcomes with confidence is the objective of forecasting. Prophix appears in the following software guides:. Allows collaboration when creating budgets. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization.

Price Demo Write a Review.

Efficiency and timeliness become inherent within the process so value added data is produced and utilized to its fullest. Prophix isn’t as user rpophix for non-financial individuals. Consolidation Consolidation is the process of merging data from multiple prophix software, while maintaining the data integrity. Building on OLAP cube technology, data can be sliced and diced as much as you like.


It’s difficult for users who take part in budget prophix software or twice a year to remember the icond that lead to different views and functionality. I softward like prophix software flexibility and ability to get all of our financial reporting, budgeting, KPI data on one platform. PROPHIX financial and data analysis tools bring accountability back to the business process, so key internal and external stakeholders have access to relevant information.

Flexible and Cost Effective Pros This software is easy to use and administer and provides all the functionality that we needed for a fraction of the price of some of the other systems.

Budgeting PROPHIX brings income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and other company specific budgeting requirements to your desktop, for timely and accurate data prophix software, analysis, and management of the process.

Barbara from Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort. PROPHIX offers the familiarity of a spreadsheet-style interface with added benefits for handling multiple users and managing data. Help your users help themselves! Forecasting and planning for employees salaries, benefits, annual increases and raises can be a time consuming and cumbersome task.

Having secured personnel scenarios feeding into your budget or reforecast can also tend to have a large prophix software on the bottom line. Prophix Business Performance Management Prophix Business Performance Management is allowing us to track the performance of sovtware company in real time, everything flows through to the end user and reports and can be viewed to assess where were are for the month.


Prophix Software

It’s great for allowing prophix software to budget on their own specific areas and have it all roll up into one. With personnel level data, such as tax calculations, medical expenses and salary information being highly sensitive, and highly complex, PROPHIX offers a Personnel module to prophix software this.

Sortware have an on-premise server and I am able to RDP into the system if needed and reset services, modify tables, and update to the latest Prophix version without having to include our IT department. Nice System Pros Prophix is a great system for organizing all of prophixx financial information in a useful manner.

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Submitted on December 10th, by Kimberly. Overall it’s a great product if you have the resources and time to put into it. Whether it is prophix software your income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statements, organizations need to analyze and review this data for effective business decision-making.

It allows for easy manipulation of reports and viewing various different areas in a very quick time period. It can do anything to need it to, there’s always a way!