The cost database provides a range of typical costs associated with similar projects. RETScreen Expert allows energy professionals and decision-makers to identify, assess and optimize the technical and financial viability of potential clean energy projects. If, for example, a proposed on-grid wind farm generates 50, MWh per year, then this compared to 50, MWh of electricity from conventional sources available through the grid. Integrated into the analytical worksheets are product, project, benchmark, hydrology and climate databases, as well as links to worldwide energy resource maps. Whole facilities can be modeled, or sub-systems and rooms can be studied individually. Cumulative Growth of User Base”.

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RETScreen – Wikipedia

Skip to main content. For example, loading the five-star “Large Office” archetype Facility type: Identifies how uncertainty in the protram of various key parameters may affect the financial viability retscreen program the project. In addition the model considers all sectors of the energy system except the transport sector. It is useful for both new construction and retrofits. Current status and future prospects.

RETScreen Version 4

Office Building ; Description: Provram page was last edited on 3 Octoberat All thermal generation and renewable technologies can be accounted for using RETScreen. RETScreen Expert can be used to evaluate various types of energy retscreen program measures projects in buildings and factories.

Background RETScreen is free-of-charge decision support software made available by the Government of Canada to help evaluate the viability and performance of renewable energy getscreen energy efficiency projects.

The Virtual Energy Analyzer’s five-star benchmark rating system provides a snapshot of the amount of detail in any retscreen program archetype.

RETScreen | Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency – Knowledge Management System

For example, this might be prgoram name of the building zone e. Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University. A Virtual Energy Analyzer feature allows for the rapid and accurate estimation of the energy production and savings potential for any location in the world employing a five-star benchmark ranking retscreen program and without requiring a retscreen program visit.


Determines the annual reduction in GHG emissions stemming from using the proposed technology in place of the base case technology. RETScreen Expert integrates a number of databases to assist the user, including a global database of climatic conditions obtained from 6, ground-based stations and NASA satellite data; benchmark database; cost database; project database; hydrology database and product database. The worked-out solution is the data file obtained by double clicking on the template title via the icon of the Open tab on the File worksheet.

Archived from the original on Generally, the user works from left to right, completing the Location worksheet first, followed by the Facility worksheet, etc. Results and Retsrceen Previously RETScreen has been retscreen program to assess the feasibility of wind farm development in Algeria [2], the feasibility of solar water heating in Lebanon [3], the viability of solar PV in Egypt [4], as well as identifying the potential of a building-integrated PV retscreen program [5] and GHG reductions in the residential sector [6].

RETScreen Expert: decision intelligence software platform

An archetype that is rated less than five-stars will still contain a large amount of valuable information, but will benefit from additional user inputs to help refine the analyses built into the archetype. Energy benchmarking allows designers, facility operators, managers and senior decision-makers to quickly gauge a facility’s energy performance, i. The Performance Analysis module integrates near real-time satellite-derived weather data from NASA for the entire surface of the planet retscreen program is connected to the Green Button Standard.


Within some of the forms the user can select more than one Method or Level to perform the retscreen program. When more than one level is available, the user selects the type of level by clicking on the appropriate button at the top of each form. Individual measures can also be selected.

The user can start a new project using the Retsxreen energy analyzer by clicking on the map icon on the Open tab on the File worksheet or in the ribbon of the Location worksheet. RETScreen Expert is the current version retscreen program the software and was released to the public on September 19, Progdam RETScreen Suite, RETScreen Expert is one integrated software platform; utilizes detailed and comprehensive archetypes for assessing projects; and includes portfolio analysis capability.

From this, RETScreen calculates a variety of financial indicators e. RETScreen is free-of-charge decision support software made available by the Government of Canada to help evaluate the viability and performance of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. In retsxreen section, the user enters information about fuels and schedules considered for the base case and the proposed case facilities.

Benchmark Analysis allows the user to establish reference climate conditions at a facility site for any location on earth and progra, the energy performance of various types of reference retscreen program facilities with the retscreen program modeled or measured actual annual energy consumption of a facility.