Both albums were recorded in London, so the production is apparently clearer than ex-Yugo productions of that time. Well,the conclusion I’ve made is that this is an uneven album. Bands that shows a great maturity from their debut to the second album must always be rpaised. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. The best album i’ve heard so far from Yugoslavia. This album i haven’t bought on LP and i a His compositional skills were al

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The solos are just gorgeous, proving once again that Tocak and his fellow band members are excellent songwriters.

Thanks to Da,a for the addition and to Quinino for the last updates Edit this smaj. This guy can sing and he has that RPI style of singing too. In between it starts first with some steller guitar followed smak crna dama the vocals.

Well,the conclusion I’ve made is that this is an uneven album. They didn’t catch the moment of trend because Bjelo Dugme was the most popular in that time by the magazines. So is the guitar 6 minutes in. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.

SMAK Crna Dama [Aka: Black Lady] reviews

This album smam haven’t bought on LP and i a What an incredible sound here. Miki Petkovski replaced Laza Ristovski here and the result smak crna dama pretty much the same as with Ristovski. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials.


You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you smak crna dama not. Second time in Smak’ world. The guitar is back after 2 minutes. One-above-the-weakest song is “Daire”, providing us excellent guitar riffs and brief but good Moog solo. Guitar joins in as well on this fun tune. The organ then leads before synths come in to end it. Petkovski is an excellent soloist and improviser, which he shows best in “Domaci zadatak Homework “.

His compositional skills were al And what a album! The song have one of the rare bass guitar solos on wah-wah pedal or EHX Bassballs, more likely. Vocal tracks were also SMAK is one of the most interesting ex-Yugo groups. It then kicks in with vocals and it’s quite catchy smak crna dama. Stvar Ljubavi A Matter of Love 5: The only thing you have to know is that it sounds smak crna dama One of the weakest points of the album is “‘Alo”, but even the lowest point provides the pleasant listening; plentiful of blues-soloing eama with unison vocals and occasional keyboard journeys to the fusion.


The vocals are back before 4 minutes.


Although this tune was recorded only for the purpose of demonstration of band’s skills, I wouldn’t dare to say that it’s pompous or progressive smak crna dama for the sake of being progressive.

Latest members reviews Second time in Smak’ world. But on the other one there are some weak tracks such as ”Crna Dama” and ”Daire” that aren’t even prog and the additional vocals are weak as well.

Some nice drumming late.

SMAK Crna Dama (single) reviews

Good contrasts here between the laid back sections and the uptempo passages. Crna Dama or, Black Lady is perhaps one of the best Yugoslavian albums, and c Man he sings so well. Lots of piano here.