Upgrade plug-in from 3. Append Multi Sub Items Add arbitrary number of sub items at one time. The program enables users to preview the effect and speed so as to choose the optimal effect for your menu. Full Edit Mode Full edit mode is a more visual way to create the menu. Image Library Image resource can be used in the program directly. Support setting background with rounded corner.

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Top Downloads last week. You can edit the selected menu item s by right-clicking in preview window, which includes exactly the same operations in Menu Tree panel. Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees.

Optimize the Right to left function. When editing menu, if you have set the status text for an item with link, the status text can not show correctly. The only thing is to choose which menu matches website better during menu creation. Make menu’s contents be found by search engine quickly; get your website more competitive; display menu content by sitemap if JavaScript is forbidden in the browser. djtml

When the mouse moves again over the sothonk item, which sub sothink dhtml menu 9.7 have popped up with a special effect, the special effect will be shown again by mistake. Sothink Menu Builder suite. The generated code make pretty difficult to maintain, many useless tables and many css styles embedded into the tags.


It takes just a minute to make a nice drop down menu with nice graphics and cool behavior, and without write any single menh of code.

The download links sohhink Sothink DHTML Menu Builder are provided to you by Windows8Compatible without any warranties, representations or gurantees of any kind, so download at your own risk.

Add 19 new templates and a new type “Clone” in built-in templates. Sort the images by the use frequency in all image libraries and the Style panel of Menu Item. New Templates Add new templates, modify the present style in the built-in templates and re-arrange the existing templates. The border of item disappears when finishing inputting content in the item in preview window with edit mode selected.

Delete 2 buttons on the toolbar sothink dhtml menu 9.7 menu tree panel and adjust the order of other buttons. Add two Christmas templates. Simplify the operating procedures in image library and sort the images by the frequency. Operating Systems Win 8.

Sothink DHTML Menu Builder download

The files will be displayed as thumbnails when clicking the folder buttons in several panels of the program to browse and choose files in the computer. In edit mode, the linked URL will be opened in soyhink window when clicking the menu item in preview window with Ctrl and Alt down. Publish Publish is the vital step to insert the menu into web page.


Surround Perfect the menu, integrating the menu image and corner sothink dhtml menu 9.7 into one entity.

Download Sothink DHTML Menu Builder 9.7

Best remote desktop tools for Windows. Help to locate your website on top rank of the searched result list; raise your website exposure chances to be known by the people.

Even though, the user can design a symmetric or asymmetric corner to individuate your menu. Redesigned Interface Make all the buttons in the interface more beautiful. Release date 17 Mdnu New popup menu has the same properties with tree-like menu, including text content, text type, link, target, status, tip text.

Menu builder includes dozens of high-quality sothink dhtml menu 9.7, backgrounds, and sounds. Flash is a trademark of Adobe. Search Meenu Friendly Code Maker Make menu’s contents be found by search engine quickly; get your website more competitive; display menu content by sitemap if JavaScript is forbidden in the browser.

Create menus and submenus with fade effects, custom buttons, or text. The generated code results in a plane list, very cool.