Implement menu API for Windows. Fix crash when using ArrayBuffer. Fix reading empty files in asar archives. Faiyaz5yaz OP Jan 0: Linux Fix crash when freetype 2. Read this blog post for more details. Add support for preload modules –require in the default app.

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Fix length of Buffer becoming 0 when there are lots of Buffer created. It also needs to have a better EQ. Provide prebuilt binaries of ffmpeg which do not include proprietary codecs.

Add support for –remote-debugging-port. Mac Add support for template image. Too much time spent in unload handler.

But you must manually restore, from previously made backup, all new files and changes that you made to the wm folder since you first unlckr beta 3.0.7 wm – plugins, themes, dictionaries, settings If you want a Linux and Mac port PM me. Fix parsing some window.


If you’d like to participate in 3.0. betas, please mail us at info electronjs.

New Features Allow setting window shape. Drag photos anywhere to start a new post.

Download BIOS Finder Beta – MajorGeeks

Custom the user agent to contain application and atom-shell’s name and version. Fix timeout ulckr generating breakpad symbols backport: Windows Fix WebGL support. Fix exception when calling shell. Fix a few places using deprecated API inside Electron. API Changes You can now launch the crash reporter in forked child processes using the new process.

Unlckr beta 3.0.7 passing Promise objects in remote module. Upgrade to Chrome35 Fix crash when using web-preferences option. Remove overlayScrollbarssharedWorkerpageVisibility options from webPreferences.

n7player Android – changelogs

Fix memory leak in remote module. Unofficial TWRPs for devices without source code.

Windows Fix crash on exit when there are heavy Node tasks. Kill zombie processes when renderer became unresponsive. I’m terribly sorry for recent lack of communication. Fix debugger unlckr beta 3.0.7 at wrong place in main process when –debug-brk is specified. Add select-certificate event to app module. A few fixes to Tray ‘s behavior.


Unlckrr Tray icon when menu is closed. To donate for Writemonkey 3 follow the ling below. Fix dumping bta symbols on OS X. Add Support for 32bit build on Linux.

Electron Releases

Fix wrong unresponsive event caused by blocking js call. Windows Don’t require BluetoothApis. Fix exception when reading an invalid file inside asar archive.