That is not a trojan. That really works look: I mean, is this a jar file? Now you start vKeyGen: They get codes that are coded from your IMEI. Would this work on my Nokia ?

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Wait a moment, i gonna fresh tem No, s40doesn’t suppport symbian apps and games, you’re talking about java games that was originally retailed for s60 phones. Would this work on my Nokia ? Can everybody from you speak German or Turkish – I would be very happy than – my english s60vv3 very worse – sorry! ROMs are Games for Emulators.

I suggest you register at that website that I posted so you could download at a faster speed. Could be because kyegen software was faulty and had to be re-installed? D by the way, i dont know how to edit First Of All you choose one of this Emulators: If what is, than tell me!


Make sure your ROM file ends with “. I mean, is this a jar file? Enter your imei and type the numbers shown into vbagx 1.25 s60v3 keygen activation menu 4.

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I’m Sorry, I don’t have such a good english like u! If you do request, please state the language of the ROM as well. They get codes that are coded from your IMEI. Than it must look like this: S60v are 2 ways you can get things done. Post any ROM that you can’t find there and I’ll get it for you.

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Btw, it works on UIQ3 phones as well. Now you start vKeyGen: And isn’t Vampent stupid? Btw an IMEI is like your phone’s ID, it stays the same forever unless you’re a genius hacker who can change imei freely.

If you’re phone’s not symbian then you can’t play this. Here is the KeyGen: Thank you for the question, man!


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Download and Install vbagx from here 2. Now you must download an KeyGen key GeneratorI use this one: Dragonball advanced adventure 2. So could anyone help me? That is not a trojan. Son’t post your imei, unless you want other people to abuse it. Signing off, DJ-Kimchi And yeah, this is my first post at these forums.

That really works look: You can download ROMs from 3roms. Open the keygen on your krygen 3. The games you’re talking about are java games, fbagx is a symbian game with.