Ana Rucner was born in Zagreb, into a family of great musical talents. Eurovision is like the dream come true” Interview Eurovision in Concert. Then they offered the idea to the national broadcaster BHRT. Ana’s unique style is the basis of her international success. In he took part in Croatian V.

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Still in high school, Ana started a duo with pianist Andrijana Sesar, today also an academy-educated musician, which organized several successful concerts. Throughout her higher education Ana attended educational seminars and worked with some of the most acclaimed musicians of the moment, including Menachem Meir, Gustav Voki Tavares, Dmitri Miller, David Grigorian, Vladimir Dsen and others.

Her first original song was performed in on the Zagreb City choir competition at the Vatroslav Lisinski Hall. Her brother Mario is a violinist as well.

Voli me hitno, a song by Verena, Deen on Spotify

Besides pop music, Dalal likes playing soul, r’n’b, jazz and gospel. I’ve been dying for your body, you make me feel alive, Everywhere I look you’re shining, even when I close my eyes. Inhe performed as the main vocal of the Seven Up boyband, which came 3rd.

Twelve years have passed. P reality show “Farma”. Ana Rucner was born in Zagreb, into a family of great musical talents. We have an esteemed internationally known Croatian cellist in the team. Starting from Deen three times participated in Eurovision selections.

DEEN – Voli Me Hitno ft. Verena [HAYAT]

I hear the devil is laughing, I know the end will be tragic! She also had the honor of performing in concert welcoming Pope Francis in Sarajevo, singing “Amazing Grace”. In the end, Deen represented his country at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Istanbul, Deej, with a song “In the Disco”, finishing in top 10 of competition. Inhe hosted the national preselection for the Eurovision Instead of being captain, I chose to verena i deen voli me hitno pirate, Instead of being happy, I chose sadness in spite, My story is roulette, I’m only paying, never wining, I’m haunted by her eyes, I can’t laugh anymore, Then she lures me with warmth after one-two glasses of wine, But she is not the one who will give a birth to my son, But she is the only one who can touch me so magically, And now I’m drunk again because the devil gives me no piece.


Love is a vicious circle, Everyone takes their turn, Everyone will pay their debts, Love is everything we’ve got, Everyone chooses their own sin, We are forgiving each other, Forgiving.

He came back in with an expectedly dance pop thingy, only to place 7th out of voll In the period he has been awarded with nine Davorins most important national music award in Bosnia and Herzegovina in categories such as: Also, he was a participant in numerous well-known music and fashion festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the countries of the region.

More by Verena

In the year he was a special guest of American Embassy in Sarajevo, where with his performance the Embassy welcomed the election hitnno the President Obama. In a new single “Bombon” verena i deen voli me hitno released. They have one child. He is member of BluntBylon collective, has also collaborated hjtno Buba Corelli and released solo singles “Dom” and “Casino” in In high school and during college Ana held permanent position in the Maribor Philharmonic Orchestraan experience she says was unbelievable, since the orchestra played with internationally acclaimed musicians and conductors, among them Lalo Schiffrin, composer, pianist and conductor, author of several high-profile pieces of contemporary classical music and movie scores Mission Impossible etc.


Ana cites her parents as greatest musical influence throughout education and career. Jasmin Fazlic Jala Jala Brat was born in in Sarajevo and doing music mostly hip-hop for more than 15 years. Replay, Rijec na rijec and Pakt sa djavolom.

A lot of things will be compared to the performance in Inhe had the honour to perform the Bosnian national anthem for the first time at the ceremony for the twentieth anniversary of the Winter Olympic Games held in Sarajevo at the Olympic Hall Zetra. Instead of being a captain, I chose the life of a pirate. I verena i deen voli me hitno nowhere to get back, I believe only you, I’ll have to pay all my debts, I swear to love.

Besides main entry, presentation also featured solo instrumental performance of it by Ana Rucner. Instead of being a happy man, my soul feels like it’s crying.

As these kind of promises get broken easily, we could see him back in with a new name and image, he came second with the somewhat downbeat “Taxi”. Life is game of roulette, a wheel that I’ll be trapped bitno in.