Share Manga files for download. Please show us your face. Let’s talk about our dreams. Futari no ibasho wa kawara nai kara. Yume wo katari atte miyou to. Kimi no kao wo misete hanashite kudasai.

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Urusai machikado soko ni futari ga iru sa. Kimi ibsho egao ni kaete miseru kara. Anything that we expect in the future. Chanto boku wo mite soshite hanashite kudasai. Newer Post Older Post Home. Bokura no kimochi ga chanto todoite masu ka? Hitori ja nai yo ochikonda toki wa. I learned that from this manga based off of how they met.

We are always waiting here. Futari no ibasho wa kawara nai kara. Kimi no kao wo misete hanashite kudasai. You are not alone, whenever you feel sad. Share Manga files for download.

Bokura no Ibasho

Sono basho kara ima kimi ni nani ga miete masu ka? Kono toki dake ga minna ga. Deanna July 26, at 2: He is overwhelmed by his new classmates who also work in show business and seem so far ahead of him. Both of us are on the street corner. We are always here singing for you. Time flies by and they are all of wat bokura no ibasho sudden well known and have a lot of fans.


CompleteSlice of Life. At a camp they ibaeho a original song about how they felt when they were singing on the streets “Boku no Kimochi”. Saa minna mo uta wo utaou.

Lyrics Bokura no Ibasho by WaT (romaji) from album – WaT Collection | JpopAsia

Please look at me, talk to me. Please put down that great burden. PS if mangafox removed the manga then just send me a message and I can e-mail you the scans I saved to my computer. Bokura wa itsumo koko de matteru kara.

They make a rash decision to nl out in the streets but sadly no one pays attention to them.

Why is it so hard to express it with words? Me pirateprincess I share Josei and Shoujo manga. Have you gotten what they are feeling?

Let me know of any problems. Nayami ya kurushi mi bokura ni uchi akete kudasai.

My WaY (^_^): Bokura no Ibasho (lyric + translation)

You and I will be in the same place. Newer Post Older Post Home. Bokura no mae ni aoi sora to michi ga aru deshou.