The one behind it would be Carlos Santos, who had also recorded and mixed albums for other acts such as Human Mincer and Hybrid. If you like Wormed, you may also like:. Wormed enjoy playing with microgenre riff specifications. Steffen go to album. While they were certainly a point of interest on the debut, on that album they were less integral to the overall performance, whereas here they’re at the front of the mix and the music doesn’t suffer a bit from it.

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To call it bleak would be an understatement. There’s just something about it that is less intriguing. Essentially, Exodromos is a combination of Wormed’s previous work with stronger production and songwriting.

Keep in mind that this is a concept album. Musically Wormed bring the game.

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Wormed exodromos R. After a few listens, there are some really cool things to notice. What follows would be the release of the band’s second full-length album called “Exodromos. It took Spain’s Wormed a whole decade to write another chapter in the band’s novella of a discography, which, up to “Exodromos,” only had included a handful of minor releases and one full-length album.

It’s definitely a groovy album when it comes to slams, technicality, and overall brutality. But is Exodromos a pure brutal technical death metal album? This is another way of saying: Songs are broken up so perfectly and the mood of the album is captured with such precision that it’s no wonder it took the band ten years to put out Exodromos. Fans have waited a long time for wormed exodromos Wormed full-length and expectations are understandably running high.


On the other hand, there’s a general balance between algorithmic lunacy and throwing in mathematical parts for the sole purpose of appearing perplexing or complex.

Don’t sleep on it. So, I suppose in the field of space-themed technical death metal akin to Obscura or Spawn of Possession, Wormed stands as its most animalistic enterprise.

Wormed – Exodromos Review

Floating Cadaver in the Monochrome. Another thing I didn’t notice on the first few listens is that round 1: Wormed, on wormed exodromos album, play an incredibly technically precise and beautiful form of death metal that should inspire many most to insincere, shallow replication to follow in their footsteps, it’s entertaining, moving wormed exodromos the bodily sense, it doesn’t touch the emotionalI have listened to this album at least twenty times already.

The bass is much more audible and involved on this album in relation to the first LP, but is wormed exodromos not openly showy in either a slapping Cryptopsy approach, or exodromoa post-Sadus fretless noodling mold either. Melodicism from the entire history of The Machine.

In contrast to their previous album, this is something that even an occasional brutal death listener like myself can go back to on exodormos regular basis without getting bored. Hundreds of brutal bands could write this in their sleep.

Wormed – Exodromos – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

The album is fast, technical, melodic, bleak, and endlessly interesting. Wrmed total, “Exodromos” is a classic piece of brutal death metal. After “Quasineutrality” announced both Wormed’s active status in the metal community and a newer, more dissonant yet still slam-filled sound, Wormed released “Exodromos.


The one behind it would be Carlos Santos, who had also wormed exodromos and mixed albums for other acts such as Human Mincer and Hybrid. This is on the first track and I never noticed it until I had been listening to it for a while. Wormed exodromos and Issac Asimov would conceive if they were confined in a dank cell with exodromls candlelight and a typewriter to go by.

Wormed – Exodromos Review | Angry Metal Guy

The same hodgepodge of note motives and incomprehensible vocalizations endures, though it has become a tad less otherworldly due to a crisper production that allows the riff work to take on a slightly more traditional death metal character. Established in from Madrid, they released a number of short albums, as well as a full-length record “Planisphaerium” in Altogether, when compared to its predecessor, Exodromos feels a lot less Rhythm was the beginning of music Exodromos is a dark, dizzying, maddening descent into wormed exodromos world that feels both musically and lyrically eons beyond others.

The price to pay is obviously a certain wormed exodromos devotion to the stereotypes of a genre which, in its most basic form, has already expressed whatever it could manage to communicate with bands wormed exodromos CryptopsySuffocation and, well, Wormedto name but just a few.