I highly recommend reading that story before you start this one. I understood his reasons for revenge but at times I felt he went over board with his tactics and I was almost taken out of my comfort zone. And he will not rest until he sees the tempting beauty suffer. It’s just hard not to see this story as a story about nonconsensual sex. I liked that this scenario was believable.

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I adelle the way she focus on critical human nature, their emotions, their mind. In the last few pages, they fall in love or something. He accepts them and then tries to use his attraction against her — which in my opinion fits with the whole theme of the novel.

As was his desire for revenge – for some sort of retribution, really, against the one who got away without any legal punishment. Adele was destined to be a singing, reading, reporting, Miss America.

Staying one step ahead of the game, she plays her cards when necessary. I loved this book, the plot was really interesting and although I got the feeling that this isn’t really a stand alone book and more likely a second in a series I adele ashworth the dukes captive felt “out of the loop” with the characters. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because I was able to put this book down and walk away from it and come back to it at will.

Along the way he finds adele ashworth the dukes captive that she is a notorious painter of erotic art and uses the information to blackmail her; and when he finds out her son is actually hishe threatens to expose her and take the child away.


Ian Wentworth is a deeply troubled man. When Ian receives a note informing him that Viola is out of mourning, he seeks revenge on the woman whose family changed his life five years ago – when her sisters kidnapped, drugged him, and left him chained to a wall in a dungeon for several weeks.

Viola went to see him every days, giving him food and sponge baths.

The Duke’s Captive — All About Romance

Each moment that she spends around Ian, brings her closer to those emotions that she has long ago hidden.

Does he feel the electric passion that binds them still? A tremor of sheer terror sliced through her, though she managed to hold herself steady before him, her eyes flashing obstinacy. This adele ashworth the dukes captive a great book with a lot of depth and feeling and the emotions run high through out. Five years later, he gets word that Viola Bennington-Jones is a widowed single mother.

I’ve always loved to write, but after my first attempt at a novel nine chapters of Plastic City, the story of underwater-dwelling orphans in the twenty-third century that I wrote in the sixth gradeI took some time to get my bachelor’s degree a There was no real excuse for this, and perhaps the author meant it this way,whom knows, but for me, I would have gone another way.

But the adele ashworth the dukes captive one roams free, and he burns to take his revenge on her. It kept me hook from start. The Song Bird Years Adele continued to pursue her singing into her teen years, deciding she was either going to be an editorial reader for a publishing company because all she loved to do was read or a Singing Superstar.

The Duke’s Captive

And love conquers all. He was out to seek revenge. Ian Wentworth menunggu lima tahun lamanya untuk bisa membalas dendam pada Viola, salah satu perempuan yang ikut andil dalam masa penculikan dan penyekapan dirinya di penjara bawah tanah selama lima minggu.


Tied together through a turbulent past, Ian and Viola has to let go everything they hold dear to find a passion they had never known existed. I hate it when hero and heroine are apart for several chapters as they converse with meaningless characters just for the sake of drawing everything out and really appreciated that there was none of that in this book.

Karena tanpa bisa ditolak ia sudah jatuh cinta pada Viola. For his part, Ian pretty much put his desire for revenge against Viola out there but Viola kept secrets from Ian for much of the book, until it was adele ashworth the dukes captive stripped away.

It w The first half of this was very slow for me. The Duke’s Captive ‘s fresh plot twist equals exceeding enjoyment! The dialogue tended to be heavy and angsty, in keeping with the overall tone of the book. But Ian is also falling for Viola and will go to any lengths to make her his mistress, even threatening to expose her to all society and imprison her. Could not put it down. Ashworh 01, Denise rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 23, Brandy rated it it was ok.