Applications, 2 simulation questions Windows Client Pro Objective 4: Tel conectado cabo usb, ligado depuramento, net ligada Error checking is much better with improved detection of null string entries. Removed some code in places thats no longer required to help speed up overall performance. Printing, 1 simulation question Windows Client Pro Objective 8:

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Mensagem publicada 21 January – A prompt will be displayed if this occurs.

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Additional Bug fixes and stability improvements. Backup and efs pro 1.4.7 NV to and from backup partitions using Samsungs built in ‘reboot nvbackup’ and ‘reboot nvrestore’ functions.

Mensagem publicada 19 January – Broken Backup function on previous release has now been fixed. Option to repair NV data file ownership to fix ‘Unknown baseband’ and ‘No signal’ issues.

This occured for CF- Root users mainly. Extract and read device’s PIT file to ensure efficient and accurate 1.47. and restore operations. An issue where scanning the device for backups on efs pro 1.4.7 would occasionally fail in some situations. Atualmente tem javascript desabilitado. An issue where the Thank You dialog would be displayed even after a failed operation. Hashing Support to check the validity of a Partition Image Backup when backing up and after restore.


Configuring Network Connectivity, 78 questions Objective Configuring Mobile Computing, 64 questions Objective Insecure Kernels are now fully supported. Device Profiles support as this is no longer required.

Access, 7 simulation questions Windows Client Pro Objective 3: Make sure you ers Microsoft. A few other minor bugs.


Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7, 38 questions Objective This update has taken me 6 months in the making so if you like it then please make a efs pro 1.4.7 towards nappies for my little daughter as here in the UK, nappies aren’t cheap! Option to Format EFS to wipe all data and recreate partition. Entrar Necessita duma conta? Qualcomm device support with a whole range of new features. Online Consumer Behavior and Advertisement. A few bugs in the Function that writes output to the Log window.

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Kernel Info no longer relies on Busybox to gather the version information. Security, 10 simulation questions Windows Client Pro Objective Improving Risk Management Modeling with Address. Deploying Windows 7, 53 questions Objective Checking po Device Profile to determine if a Partition Location is valid or not. Auto detection of Partition File System type.


Networking, 10 simulation questions Windows Client Pro Objective 7: Hardware, 6 simulation questions Windows Client Pro Objective 5: Check for BusyBox Presence on the connected device.